#17 – Quarantine Questions

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What does a couple who likes to be on the move and out and about do when we are self-isolating in the age of COVID-19? We take those lemons and make lemonade! On this week’s episode, we get to know more about one another and, surprisingly, we find out some stuff we didn’t know – go figure! We highly recommend taking time alone together to continue to grow as a couple as we navigate these weird new norms.

As an update, we are still staying pretty busy! Stephen is teaching lots of classes right now with http://balletbeautiful.com and http://balletacademyeast.com Bret has launched the http://SecureActorProject.com, so be sure to check that out for more details and ways to contribute!

If you want relationship and dating advice from our completely unqualified selves DM us on instagram @broadwayhusbands or email us on broadwayhusbands.com and we may choose your question on the next episode!

Love you all and thanks for listening!!

-Bret and Stephen


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