#22 – Long Distance Dating with Michael Lindsay & Matthew Schueller

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Hey Listeners! We want to let you know about a couple of opportunities to help us help out during this time. Check out our Pride Collection on Broadway Life Apparel where we are donating all profits to the Trevor Project, and we just created a new design to help put more people of color in positions of power in the arts by donating to Arts Administrators of Color.

If you want to help make a difference as well, check out: Broadway Together on the Broadway Podcast Network. There are so many opportunities to help the community right now and make a real difference.

This week’s We have a theme this month of popular LGBTQ Instagram Influencer accounts, and today is one of the most popular accounts Michael and Matt. This beautiful couple are able to balance their work in the medical field, creative careers as photographers and travel bloggers. To see their content and their hilarious youtube videos is to be inspired as a content creator.

On this episode we discuss their ability to balance their careers, buying a house, ideas for adoption vs. surrogacy, This week’s spotlight on love question comes from Matthew on Instagram : So I’m back home in Alabama during quarantine but I live in NYC but this guy and I have been talking for over a month and we’ve really hit it off and we want to see where things go but worry about the distance once quarantine is over cause he’ll have to stay in AL for another year and half. Is Long distance relationships possible?

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