#23 – Talking Money with Kyle Boen & Cameron Hinkle

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Kyle Boen and Cameron Hinkle have established an amazing presence online with their individual instagram accounts, but they both have made a life together in Franklin TN. Kyle is an artist and lifestyle blogger and Cameron is an inspirational photographer.

In this episode, we ask them What is it like to work in Franklin Tennessee as artists? Who said I love you first?

How often do you go to Dollywood? If you were a Dolly Parton song, which one would you be?

What is going on in Tennessee with reopening?

How has the pandemic affected your art? And relationship?

What have you thought about during the pandemic that you have never really thought about before?

If you could spend quarantine with anyone dead or alive who would it be? What have you learned about each other during this time that you didn’t already know about each other? What do you find is the hardest thing about keeping your content going?

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This week’s “Spotlight On Love” question comes from Matthew on Instagram : I’M SCARED TO TALK TO MY PARTNER ABOUT MONEY—WHAT’S THE BEST WAY TO DO IT?

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