#27 – Lifelong Love with Alexandra Billings and Chrisanne Blankenship

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This week’s guests are two humans you will not soon forget!

Alexandra Billings is an award winning actress who has been in the theatre and has also been a featured on many TV shows: most recently Disney’s Diary of a Female President, Transparent, Goliath, and performed at Steppenwolf and with Bret as Madame Morrible in Wicked on Broadway.

Chrisanne Blankenship is a celebrated a critically acclaimed Director from Chicago, and is a producer and writer.

They met in Schaumburg High School and were married in 1996 where they acted together in the high school plays. On this episode they share their engagement story King Crab in Chicago and how the got married at the Bailiwick Chicago.

Together they have started Schmangie productions and are writing and creating work for marginalized people and their stories.

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This week’s Spotlight on Love question: My current partner is still best friends with their ex. I feel really insecure about their relationship. What can I do to be supportive and still let them be friends without getting jealous?

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