#30 – Feather Duster and the Beast with Meredith Inglesby and Steve Blanchard

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Meredith and Steve are two people in the industry that we actually consider family. Steve’s Broadway credits include being the longest running Beast in Beauty and the Beast, among many others. By the way if you’re looking for the definition of a mullet google images of Steve Blanchard in Camelot starring Robert Goulet.

Meredith Inglesby is originally from Hilton Head SC but she knew she needed to be creative so she began her professional career. Thanks to Disney Theatrical she made her debut and met her now husband Steve playing Babbette in Beauty and the Beast.

We discuss how to manage your life doing 8 shows a week for a long run. How they began their “showmance” to becoming parents of their daughter Wren.

They managed to raise Wren while touring the country for most of her first few years on the planet while doing the Newsies national tour. They are true optimists and have so much beautiful insight into the industry.

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Check out Steve’s cast recording of Sundown: Original Studio Cast


I’m in quarantine with my spouse in their hometown and we both have become very aware of her family’s drinking. Especially her brother who every time we see him he is in some state of enebriation. How do we address this without making our living situation more uncomfortable than the virus has already made it. anonymous

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