#32 – Moving Out of NYC

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Hop in the car! We are taking you on a ride with us to Texas.

Stephen has officially accepted a job in Houston for the Fall season so we are heading down there temporarily. While riding in the car we took a moment to tell you the drama from moving out of NYC during COVID. Having moved three times in the last 2 years we are becoming somewhat experts at the moving experience.

We took a suggestion to try MakeSpace even though the best moving company we have ever used is Roadway Moving. On our move to Charleston we used Dumbo moving. Getting through the packing process was a bit daunting while also working from home with our respective businesses.

There is no SPOTLIGHT ON LOVE this week, but join us in the car next week for Part 2 of our road trip to moving to TEXAS.

What are your suggestions for moving? Shoot a message on instagram.


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