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This week’s podcast comes to you from Pittsburgh, PA. We had a fascinating interview with Marcella Hanna and Ed Hanna (aka Mom and Dad) who have just celebrated 50 years of marriage! Stephen’s parents take us back in time to the 1960s to learn the origins of their love story. And what a story it is!

The first time Marcella ever saw her future husband was at the law firm where they both worked. Ed was doing back flips down the hallway! She had no idea he was a ballet dancer (or that someday, they would have a ballet dancer for a son) but that certainly caught her attention. Their early years of dating, engagement, family conflicts, the Navy, moving, learning to live together, and trying to start a family were anything but easy. But the love was always there. And it still is today. They are a true inspiration.


This Week’s SPOTLIGHT ON LOVE comes from our listener Jeremiah:

I am talking to this guy and he says we are just friends, but it feels like there have been times that it has felt like more even though nothing has happened. He tells me he is on and off with his boyfriend. He has asked me to go to Savannah with him, where he has planned socially-distanced activities. It all feels very unclear what our relationship is, but I want to go because Quarantine has been lonely. Ugh!!!! Help me! I want to go to go and be with him, but does this sound like bad news.

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Marcella and Ed love the phrases “Everybody wants to be loved” and “Never say never.” What are some words of wisdom that your parents or grandparents have shared with you over the years? How have those words shaped the person you are today? Shoot us a message on Instagram. We’d love to hear from you!


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