#36 – How To Stay In Your Power with Barrett Martin and Megan Sikora

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Megan Sikora and Barrett Martin are a Broadway Power Couple! Between the two of them, they have performed in 20 Broadway shows! (That’s ten each for anyone keeping score at home.) They met performing in Wicked when Megan wasn’t in the mood to fall in love. But when Barrett lifted her during a rehearsal, and a bolt of electricity shot through her body, she knew it was unavoidable. And around the same time, Barrett turned to a fellow cast mate in the wings and called it: “I’m going to marry her someday.” Perfect timing or not, true love cannot be stopped.

Since then, they have worked together and worked apart. They got married, have a son, and still continue to perform, teach, inspire, and balance incredible careers. So what is their secret to having it all? You only have to speak with Megan and Barrett for a moment to see their incredible teamwork and shared perspective. Becoming parents actually solidified their love for their craft even more. We love the way they love each other, their family, and our industry as a whole. We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we do!

This Week’s SPOTLIGHT ON LOVE comes from an anonymous listener:

I recently moved in with my boyfriend and on a few occasions now he has lost his temper and kicked me out of the apartment because he said I wasn’t listening to him. Most recently he told me he wants to work through it. Am I setting myself up for disappointment by staying?

What is the best way to stay in my power and stay in the relationship?

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Megan and Barrett both had that moment of absolute clarity when they looked at their future partner and said “Yep. He/She is the ONE.” Have you ever experienced this? Or was it more of a slow realization? Drop us a line. We’d love to hear your love story!

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