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Where are our 1990s Mickey Mouse Club fans? Oh there you are! Us too! If you watched the show religiously every day after school, dreamed of joining the Club, and even wrote fan letters to the gang (okay, maybe that was just Bret) then this episode is for you! We were beyond excited to interview Deedee Magno, who appeared on the Mickey Mouse Club, Sister Act 2, Wicked, and Miss Saigon among many other shows.


Deedee approaches her career like she does marriage and motherhood- with grace and wisdom. She and her husband Cliffton are both in the business. (They met on the Miss Saigon tour as 19-year-olds!) And as they have raised amazing kids who get to see two parents pursuing their dreams, her best piece of parenting advice is to simply relax and be kind to yourself. You will make mistakes. Each child will have completely different personalities. There is no rule book. And if there is one, it changes the moment you finish reading. Just forgive yourself and do the very best you can today. We love that advice for a career in show business, too!


Disney fans will be delighted by Deedee’s latest project: The release of Swingin’ with the Mouse where she will be singing a jazz rendition of “Mother Knows Best” from Disney’s Tangled. There’s a special digital event on October 4th at 8pm EST to celebrate the release. We hope you’ll join us in supporting Deedee and her fellow artists.

This week’s Spotlight on Love comes from an anonymous listener:

How do you deal (or do you even deal) with someone who is emotionally unavailable? Especially if you seem to like each other…is it worth it to pursue? Or should you observe the red flag and move on?

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Deedee Magno mentions a few choices that she had to make as a young performer that ended up shaping the trajectory of her career. She was offered the chance to appear in Miss Saigon several years before her parents felt that she was ready. And her waiting actually allowed the stars to line to get her closer to actually playing her dream role, Kim. What big career decisions have you made? When you look back at them now, do you feel they lead you to right where you needed to be? Send us a message with your stories!


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