#39 – Quarantine Marriage with Ryan Vona and Caitlin Houlahan

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Ryan Vona and Caitlin Houlahan are Broadway performers with a relationship that’s worthy of a standing ovation. They’re also dear friends of ours. So we were delighted to have them as this week’s podcast guests!

Ryan and Caitlin met and knew almost instantly that they would be together for life. They are open and honest with communication. They’ve learned how to do long distance in a healthy way that keeps both of them sane and happy. They celebrate each other’s victories in this challenging and amazing career. So how are they holding up with the latest curve ball life has thrown… planning (and re-planning) a wedding and living with each other’s parents during the Pandemic?

They had planned a beautiful wedding in Ireland this summer, and when that wasn’t in the cards, they adjusted. Caitlin had just gotten settled into her cozy dressing room for her second Broadway show Girl from the North Country. Like all shows on Broadway, hers is closed. They had planned to live in their beautiful New York apartment to celebrate their first year of marriage. They came up with a new plan instead. They roll with the punches. And that is truly the key to a lasting marriage. We knew the first time we saw them together how deep this love was. And it only grows stronger through this Pandemic.

This week’s Spotlight on Love comes from an anonymous listener:

What do I do if the guy I’m “casually” seeing now wants to be friends. Is that even possible, how do I keep it from being awkward?

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Ryan and Caitlin have a complicated relationship with social media right now. Do you feel like the Pandemic has caused you to use social media in a new way now that in-person socializing is more infrequent? Has it become a larger or smaller part of your life? We’re fascinated by this topic and would love to hear your experiences. Send us a message!


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