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Hello listeners! This week, we discus sharing our space- both physically and metaphorically. Couples often face challenges and compromises when asked to cohabitate. But sharing space during a Pandemic is the next level! It also means making room for each other’s careers, not just a couple extra pairs of shoes in the closet. For us, this time of great change has meant sharing spaces three different cities- New York, Pittsburgh, and now Houston. And with each move comes an adjustment period.

In this episode, we discuss ways that we’ve made space for both Bret’s coaching business and Stephen’s ballet classes. It’s been one big trial and error (and no, having Bret in the bedroom with no air conditioning so that Stephen can teach in the living room was not our best idea) and we’re still making compromises to this day. But we’ve learned an awful lot along the way.

We also learned how to make space for one another by syncing our calendars and discussing our schedules. Such a small thing has made a huge impact on our communication as a couple and we highly recommend it to everyone listening as well. Tune in for more details on how we do it and how we want to improve our system in the future!

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