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It all started with a trip home to Beaumont, TX for a high school football game and a post on Instagram. (Isn’t that how all good stories unfold?) We drove to Bret’s hometown to see family and support his niece in the marching band. And after we shared a photo on social media, the city of Beaumont reached out asking if we’d like to collaborate. This was so much more than a polite gesture and a two-day trip back to Beaumont to create content. To us, it was a sign of open-mindedness and inclusivity from a community that Bret often had trouble relating to as a child who just wanted to sing and dance on Broadway. We graciously accepted their invitation, and we’re so glad we did!

We had a wonderful couple days in Beaumont, which we discuss in this episode. It’s a charming town that is absolutely worth a visit. Here is a link to the city of Beaumont’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/visitbeaumonttx/

We often have a complicated relationship with our hometown, especially when we move somewhere vastly different as adults. In Bret’s case, he feels like he spent his twenties trying to pretend like he never grew up there and his thirties trying to accept that he grew up there. Now in his forties, he is living there with his husband! We know many of our listeners are facing something similar with moving back home as adults and we’d love to hear your stories! How are you thriving in your hometown? What struggles are you facing? Send us a message!

Here are a couple more links that we discuss in this week’s episode:


This week’s SPOTLIGHT ON LOVE comes to us from our listener Mallory:

I’ve returned to my small town after being away for three years. And while I love my job, I’m only 28 and single. Finding men to date here seems impossible. They’re all either too busy or just want to hook up. What do you suggest to meet a man that I might find intellectually attractive- as well as physically attractive- while trying to live in a small town?


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