#46 – Having It All and Finding Yourself with David Burtka

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Today, we spend some time chatting with Broadway star, superstar chef, and family man David Burtka! David’s life is an open book, and his generous spirit is contagious. We discuss it all: his journey from Michigan to New York (and the dear friends and collaborators he met along the way), his incredible theatrical career, his meeting Neil Patrick Harris in 2007, their marriage in 2014, and now their parenting two beautiful children.

If we learn just one thing from David Burtka, it’s that we do not need to put all of our creativity eggs in one basket. He’s an actor who excels both on stage and on screen. He’s a professional chef. He’s a father, a husband, and an artist in so many senses of the word. We’re inspired by the really unique path his life has taken so far, and his openness to whatever the future might bring.

This week’s SPOTLIGHT ON LOVE comes to us from an anonymous listener:

I feel like my extended family isn’t taking Covid as seriously as I am. But I don’t want to be the annoying person in the family who is the party pooper over the holidays. What advice do you have around setting boundaries around Covid during the holiday season?

David Burtka has helped to raise not one but two sets of twins! We were particularly excited to talk parenting as we are currently in the process of starting our own family. What parenting advice to do you have to share with us? How has being a parent changed and enriched your life? We’ll take any and all advice and absolutely love stories. So send them our way! Looking forward to hearing from you.


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