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We have several things in common as a couple…one of those being…WE LOVE DRAG QUEENS! Our lovely listeners are in for a treat this week! We are sitting down with power couple Marti Cummings and Blake Allen.

You might recognize Marti from Watch What Happens LIVE on Bravo, Shade Queens on Fusion or from one of their hugely successful world tours. Blake, a native Texan like Bret, is a multifaceted composer and orchestrator at the forefront of the new musiopera genre. He self-produces one of our favorite shows to binge, An Evening With… Series. In this episode, we get down to the nitty gritty with this crazy talented couple and chat marriage, romance and the first time Blake saw Marti in drag. We had a blast and know you will too when you listen!

Per usual, we rack our brains to collaborate on relationship advice (yay!!). This week’s question comes from Felix who has questions on how to maintain a successful long-term relationship. We’ve got a little experience in that arena, so we think we did a pretty dang good job this week (*insert high five and quick kiss here*)! We’re getting better all the time and hope you’ll share your tidbits of wisdom if you have any to share!

Thank y’all for listening along and being part of the journey with us! We have a blast doing this podcast and if it weren’t for our listeners, we’d just be talking into mics for the hell of it. So, kicking off 2020 with the biggest virtual thank you hug from both of us to you!

Join us next week for more fun, advice and shenanigans!

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