#50 – New Years Intentions

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Here we are. A place we only DREAMED of… 2021! Welcome to the other side, friends!

This week’s episode- recorded live over Instagram- is all about the New Year and ways that we can live intentionally.

Our words of 2021 are ABUNDANCE and DECISIVENESS. We’ve decided to sit down twice a month to take inventory of where we are and where we hope to be in the future. Having that regular check-in will help us to ask:

  • What do you need more of in the next two weeks?
  • What could you use less of in the next two weeks?
  • What can I do as your partner to make that possible?


We also take things a step further to ask that brave question: What intentions do you have for your partner this year? It can be hard for someone we love to hold a mirror up to us, but when it’s done with love and growth in mind, we have so much to gain from this. This year, we want each other to do less. To be able to say no. To be more focused on fewer things. To speak up. And- this one is huge- to become fathers together!

Now it’s your turn: What are your intentions for the next two weeks? For the next year? We want to cheer you on and keep you accountable, so reach out and tell us.

We hope you enjoy this episode! And please look out for us on the first of each month when we record another live episode on Instagram.

Wising you all the best of intentions in 2021!


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