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What a treat! Today, we interviewed one of our favorite Instagram couples: Brock Johnson and Taylor Arco! They have wisdom beyond their years when it comes to communication, mental health awareness, faith, and making the most out of this crazy time of life.

Brock and Taylor met in high school, but they were anything but high school sweethearts. It’s clear that they were meant to find each other when the timing was right for both of them. And it’s exciting and inspiring to watch the ways that they encourage each other- and their growing Instagram following- to live full lives.

We cover so much in this episode- from childhood dance-offs to dating and their engagement; from snowboarding and their plans to live in a trailer, to the ever-hilarious adventures with their Instagram star dog Mila. But the thing that struck us the most is how grounded and intentional they both are with their relationship. Early on in their dating lives, they asked one another hundreds of questions- from the mundane “spoon or fork when you eat mac n cheese?” to the substantial “what are you working on in your personal development?” Their hard work shows. They are amazing individuals, and a force to be reckoned with together!

Today’s Spotlight on Love comes from an anonymous listener:

How can you start dating someone during a lockdown state of emergency? Or is it even possible?

Brock and Taylor have intentional check-ins with each other every two weeks where they evaluate the relationship. They ask would they like to spend more or less time together, if there are any concerns or ways to improve, and give one anther encouraging affirmations. Do you and your partner have a ritual that keeps you close and motivates you? We’d love to hear it!

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