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This week’s episode features Jared Reinfeldt and Sam Leicht, and buckle up, because we are about to cover a whole lot of ground! From their own personal performance and fitness journeys to The Lightning Thief’s miraculous journey to Broadway. They’re insightful, intentional, and a great match for one another. We hope you enjoy listening to this episode as much as we enjoyed recording it!

You may know Jared and Sam from their huge Instagram following. And while social media is a huge part of their lives- in fact, they met on Instagram!- they have such balance and perspective on their passions outside of show business. They are living proof that you can absolutely make a living pursuing more than one thing at a time. And that other thing- whether it is fitness or coaching or writing or anything else- actually makes you more confident and interesting when you walk in the audition room.

Sam also takes us on the unexpected journey of The Lightning Thief, a show that started as a Theaterworks tour, gained a huge following around the country, and eventually landed on Broadway! Sometimes it’s the most unlikely of projects that go the distance. And that makes it all the sweeter when that unexpected phone comes your way! Don’t you just love show business?

This week’s Spotlight on Love comes to us from an anonymous listener:

I want to go to college for Musical theatre, but now because of the pandemic and Broadway still being shut down I am second guessing it. What can I do with a musical theatre degree if there is no musical theatre?

Jared is using this pandemic time to dive even deeper into a cause he cares about, Comfort Cases. Comfort Cases is an organization who provides exactly that- comfort cases to children in the foster system. Whenever a child moves to a new home, instead of putting their belongings in a trash bag, each child is given a Comfort Case filled with a toothbrush, stuffed animal, clothes, and other items to remind the child how very much they matter. We love organizations like this and are always on the lookout for who else we can support so they can continue to support our community. Do you have a favorite organization who is doing great things for the world or your backyard? We’d love to hear about it! Send us a message!

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