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Love is in the air! And here at the Broadway Husbands Podcast, we want to share our love with all of you. In April, we will have been married ten years! And we dated for three years prior to that. So what do we do to keep romance and connection alive after all this time? Tune into this week’s podcast to find out!

For us, it’s all about speaking each other’s Love Languages. And by Love Languages, we specifically mean Bret needs Stephen to take initiative and Stephen needs Bret to feed him. A lot. Initiative and food. Those are our secrets. But on an even deeper level, speaking each other’s Love Languages means being respectful of the space that we both share, the time we devote to work, and the time when we decide to put our work aside to focus on one another. In Pandemic-mode, it’s so easy to blur these lines. But keeping a clear distinction says not only do I love you, but I also respect you.

We’ve had some memorable Valentine’s dates in the past. And we also try to keep the romance alive every day with little adventures, surprise gifts, surprise meals for Stephen, and uninterrupted quality time.

This week’s SPOTLIGHT ON LOVE comes to us from an anonymous listener:

How do you deal with a narcissistic parent? My mother hasn’t even asked about my engagement to my man. When I tell her what I’ve done, she just glosses over it.

When we were first dating, Stephen took a last-minute flight to Orlando just so we could be together. It was a defining moment in our relationship. A moment when things went from “I enjoy spending time with him” to “Woah. He’s about to get on a plane because I’m that important to him.” We still look back on that time and smile thinking about how exciting and romantic it was to be on the brink of something big. How about you? We’d love to hear your romance stories! What was the moment when everything changed?


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