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We are so excited to finally announce our big news: We bought a house in Texas! If you would have told us a year ago that this would be part of our life plan, we would have laughed. But here we are and it feels so right that we can’t help but shout our joy from the rooftops!

We have not taken this decision to lay down roots lightly. Our identities as artists have been tied to New York and Broadway for as long as we can remember. But the industry is shifting. And artists of all kinds are finally living where they love, where they are close to family, where their finances will allow them to thrive instead of feeling required to live in New York or Los Angeles. We’re submitting self-tapes to those big cities all the time, but since that can be remote these days, we made the choice to say yes to this big adventure!

And what does saying yes to a Texas home mean? It means saying yes to more space to create content, to have an office, to have room for friends and family to stay with us. And what does saying yes to a Texas home for two gay men trying to start a growing family? A whole lot of questions! Will we feel included in our neighborhood and community? What types of people do we want to surround our potential family with? I see what this community looks like today, but how might the dynamic change in years to come?

Today’s Spotlight on Love comes to us from an anonymous listener:

I started dating a guy and it’s new. It’s going well. I just turned 40 and he has two kids. I want kids of my own. When is too soon to meet the kids? How and when do you think I should discuss this?

Are you a homeowner or thinking of becoming one? What was the one thing you always wanted to have in your dream home? Our dreams are powerful things and we’d love to hear about yours. Send us a message! And if you’d like to learn more about our journey, please support us on Patreon.com/broadwayhusbands


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