#61 – One Year Pandemic Anniversary

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Can you believe how far we’ve all come in one year? This week, we take a look back at this wild year in the life of the Broadway Husbands. It’s hard to imagine where we were this time last year: Living in our apartment in the East Village, afraid to go outside except for short walks between episodes of ‘Tiger King’. Broadway closed, we didn’t own masks or know the importance of them yet, and we decided to make a major pivot.

At the same time that we were moving out of our home in the East Village- check out Episodes 31 and 32 for all of that drama!- Stephen got an incredible teaching offer in Texas that brought us down this brand new path. Anxiety was through the roof- and not just because the global pandemic was raging all around us. Working from home isn’t easy. Shifting careers isn’t either. And yet, artists all over the world have found themselves doing both. And thriving!

Since then, we’ve spent some quality time in the car driving to Pittsburgh to spend time with Stephen’s family and then Texas to be with Bret’s before finally landing a home of our own here in Texas. It’s been a wild ride to say the least! But we have each other, and friends near and far cheering us on.

This week’s Spotlight on Love comes to us from an anonymous listener:

I’ve been in quarantine with my husband for a year now, and sometimes we have bad days separately and it’s so difficult not to take on each other’s energy. How do I create space for my spouse when they are going through a bad day, without taking on their bad day?

We can’t wait to see what we’re reflecting back on at this time next year. How about you? What has your path been this year? If you knew the pandemic would still be affecting our lives and careers in 2021, would you have done anything differently? We want to hear everything. Send us a message! And if you’d like to learn more about our journey, please support us on Patreon.com/broadwayhusbands


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