#62 – Managing Expectations

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What a week! Listeners, we’re not sure how many of you have purchased a home and gone through the many, many steps between that and closing and actually receiving the keys. But if you have, you can relate to the twists and turns of this week in our lives!

While we went into this process with all the optimism of two Broadway performers- What could go wrong? This should be a piece of cake!- we were surprised by delays, new plans, surprise adjustments, and unmet expectations. While we can’t control most of those things, the expectations are in our ability to manage.

So, how do you manage expectations? We discuss this and more in today’s episode. It’s only natural to walk into a situation that you’re looking forward to- a new home, a relationship, a career in show business- and want the best. Yet there’s a fine line between optimism and wanting to protect your heart.

What better time to discuss Managing Expectations than a Global Pandemic! This time has been an incredible teacher in that regard. We have no expectations how long we will stay in Texas. This suits our lives and brings happiness in this moment. We have no expectations when Broadway will reopen. Producers may set an Opening Night, and medical experts and governing officials may push that back. If the only thing we are certain of this year is uncertainty, then it’s time to take focus off of the future and place it on the present. How can we make this moment livable? We’re incredibly lucky to have each other through the uncertainty of life- and we do not take that for granted.

This week’s Spotlight on Love comes to us from Bret:

I was so excited to buy this house and start this new chapter of our lives. But as a kid, it was my dream to move far, far away from Texas and become a Broadway star. Now that we’re back here (and just found out that my childhood friend’s parents live in the neighborhood) the shininess of this new dream is starting to feel like settling into the life I never wanted as a kid. How do I come to grips with these two feelings?

Now that you’ve heard our story, we’d love to hear yours! What expectations are you managing right now? Are you thriving or struggling or taking it one hour at a time? We’re here for you and would love to connect!


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