#68 – Same Sex Miscarriage

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Our journey to become dads has been fraught with challenges and obstacles- many of which have been too painful to speak openly about until this week. But we have always done our best to present ourselves as we are, dear listeners, and we know that sharing our journey will help others along the way. So here goes. Our most recent embryo transfer in February did not take. Naturally, we were filled with grief and disappointment, as was our surrogate. And grief has a funny way of popping up at different times. Sometimes immediate, sometimes appearing out of nowhere at the most inconvenient of times. Bret tends to process things out loud; Stephen… not so much. As we both process this in our own time we are more grateful than ever to have each other. We’re in this marriage and family for the long haul. And while we have absolutely no control over the timing of these things, our desire to become dads has only increased as a result. We felt like we were collectively holding our breath for weeks just to hold it together. To function at work. To move to our new home. To keep inspiring others around us. And then once we let reality sink in, it helps us to move toward the future. And the future is very exciting! We’re so happy to share with you all that we’ll be performing another transfer SOON. We hope and pray that it’s the final transfer and that we can start the family we’ve been waiting for. — This week’s Spotlight on Love comes to us from an anonymous listener: I’ve been seeing a guy for three months now, and it has been going well. He’s divorced with kids, and I know that they are his priority. But then I don’t hear from him for days and then I start to feel like I’m not on top of his list. I’m afraid to bring it up without coming off as needy. We’ve really surprised ourselves with this choice to stay in Texas when our lives have been so New York-centric for many years. We’re proud of this bold choice because it feels true and right for us right now. In what ways have you surprised yourselves recently? We’d love to hear about them and send you a virtual hug. We’re here to uplift one another through the good times and the bad. And if you’d like to learn more about our journey, please support us on Patreon.com/broadwayhusbands. Follow us so we can connect!


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