#69 – We Bought a Car

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Just when we thought life didn’t have another surprise in store for us this year… CRASH! That’s right. A literal car crash. On our way to our niece’s graduation, no less, our dear Blue Bell suffered an accident. There we were, all dressed up with graduation banners and presents in tow, dealing with yet another unexpected chapter to 2021. We were incredibly fortunate that no one was hurt. And aside from the disappointment of missing the graduation ceremony, we were able to move past the sadness of the event to do that thing that many people have to do- but no one likes to talk about… Buy a new car! Living in New York, we both skipped this rite of passage for many, many years. And we know that many artists and creatives living in big cities are the same. There are so many unspoken rules about negotiating, payment plans, extras, what time of the month is the best to buy. And unless someone in the know shares this wisdom, the whole process can feel a little overwhelming. So we reached out to our Instagram community for advice and it paid off! In this episode, we walk you through the whole process. (For us, it took a total of six hours to purchase our new car, but everyone’s experience is a little different.) Many parts of the negotiations were more complicated than we imagined. But we had each other. And now we want to help anyone listening so that you can learn from our experience. How about you? Have you learned something from the experience of buying a new car?Did you walk away feeling like you got a great deal- or like you could have done a little better with more information? And- even more importantly- where are you excited about driving this year? We can’t wait to hear all about it. Send us a message! And if you’d like to learn more about our journey, please support us on Patreon.com/broadwayhusbands.


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