#9 – LIVE: Kathryn Gallagher & Stephanie Styles, Broadway Besties Bonus

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At this year’s BroadwayCon, The Broadway Podcast Network family — went BIG! This week’s Episode is from our live recording with Broadway Besties, Kathryn Gallagher and Stephanie Styles! They chat friendship, their new podcast, and all things Broadway! Fun fact: Stephen was in a movie with Kathryn’s dad!

Also… SECRETS (so don’t tell anyone) but this episode is also a special crossover with Alan Seales co-hosting (as Bret was called to last-minute Wicked rehearsals with the new cast members). The crossover includes some content from a new podcast that BPN is launching soon call Broadway Besties. Stay tuned!

It’s a group effort with this week’s Spotlight on Love! This week’s question comes straight from the Instagram DMs:

What to do when a person you deeply love constantly breaks her word. My best friend and I have an agreement about money in which I let her stay at my place so she can pursue other interests instead of paying rent and let me be clear, it’s not about money. It’s about her not including me in her plans and being secretive about what her real-life expectations are. I care for her deeply but my feelings get hurt constantly due to her actions.

Take a listen and be sure to send in your questions on Instagram (@broadwayhusbands)!

If you’ve been with us since episode one or if this is your first introduction to The Broadway Husbands Podcast, we’re so happy you’re here!

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