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It’s hard for me to put into words what this conversation means to me. This truly is an insight into the way that Melissa and I communicate with one another on a daily basis. Having a friend who’s as vulnerable, truthful, and compassionate as Melissa, gives me the opportunity to be my truest self – and that’s made clear in this episode. She is an artist in whole sense of the world. She’s someone who’s creativity isn’t limited to one outlet and she’s given herself permission to try anything and everything to spread her light. She has the ability to make others feel seen and heard and is the heartbeat of any room she walks into. I was so honored that she was willing to sit down and talk to me with microphones in front of our mouths. We cover too many topics to mention but a few of things we hit on are fear, vulnerability, community, communication, change, the Work, love, and connection. I’m hopeful that you’ll hear something in these 60 minutes that will make you feel less alone and inspire you to lean into your own truth.

Melissa Rose Hirsch is an NYC based actor, singer-songwriter, and freelance casting director. She is also the co-book writer of the new musical Bradical and the Pink Socks. She is passionate about new works and the birth of projects. A graduate of Marymount Manhattan College, Melissa has been seen off-broadway and around countless concert venues in the city. She is a proud member of TheBringAbout under the direction of Jennifer Jancuska and has also recently choreographed her first show, Aunt Jack, by the brilliant Nora Monahan, presented by Less Than Rent theatre this past June. As songwriting is a new passion, Melissa is recording her first EP in the beginning of next year. She loves the wild ride of being an artist in New York City with her tribe of eccentric collaborators.

The Come Up is a podcast that holds space for honest conversations about the reality of being a growing artist in the entertainment industry today. The myth of “making it” tells us that our happiness and fulfillment is dependent on a specific outcome when the truth is that there is no moment of arrival – the journey is never ending. This podcast will serve as an archive of individual perspectives and a source of inspiration for anyone navigating their own creative path. It’s an opportunity to reflect on where we’ve been, where we’re at, and where we’re going.


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