Black Lives Matter

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  • Black artists and activists, if it would be useful to you to use The Compass Podcast to amplify your voice now or in the future, please contact host Leah Walsh at This can be outside of the format of the podcast or within it, if you feel the need to read something you’ve written, document, rant, by yourself or in conversation and this small platform would be helpful, please reach out. I will be focusing on having more black guests on the podcast, but this is an immediate way to amplify that I can give if it is of help.
  • If you need something to listen to this week, to take a break from the news or whatever actions you are taking, please go back to past episodes with black artists and leaders, Some that are at the top of my mind today are:
  • Jazz musician Samora Pinderhughs episode 49 (also, if you listen to the end of the 100th episode he performs an incredibly haunting song about Sandra Bland. Please check out his work)
  • Actor Chalia LaTour, Episode 99.
  • Dancer and MOVENYC founder Nigel Campbell, Episode 47
  • Actress Liz Jenkins, Episode 44
  • “Donald Trump has emboldened extremist white voices” by Lynn Nottage, published on on June 1, 2020.


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