#210 – Best of Broadway (feat. Jonalyn Saxer)

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The Ensemblist has compiled our own lists of the Best Broadway ensemble performances of the last decade, nominating our favorites in four categories


  1. Best Broadway Ensemble
  2. Best Broadway Ensemble Feature
  3. Best Performance by an Ensemble Actor
  4. Best Ensemble Banger (song that features an ensemble)


We’ve brought along two of our favorite Broadway superfans/Ensemblists to help us nominate the best of Broadway from the last ten years. But we’re going to need you to help us make the final decisions.


Go to TheEnsemblist.com or click on our Instagram bio link to submit your picks for the Best Broadway Ensemble performances of the decade. Voting closes at midnight EST on Friday, December 13 so submit your notes now.


These selections are from musicals that opened on Broadway between January 2010 and December 2019. The selections for all categories can include both new musicals and revival. They can be based in facts or based in feelings, but I asked them to made sure they could defend them on mic.


First up with her selections for the best of the decade is Jonalyn Saxer. She’s currently touring the country playing Karen Smith in the first national tour of Mean Girls. But she’s also performed in five Broadway musicals since graduating from Syracuse University: Bullets Over Broadway, Honeymoon in Vegas, Holiday Inn, Cats and Mean Girls, where she originated the role of Taylor Wedell. Here’s our conversation…


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