#214 – December 2019 (feat. Erin Ramirez)

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Welcome back to our bi-monthly episode where we talk about what’s been going down on and off Broadway recently. First up is some very exciting news: the announcement of our 2019 Ensemblist Award recipients – and I’ve brought into the studio Jackson Cline, our Associate Programs Manager to help me share the news.

Since 2014, The Ensemblist Awards have been bestowed every December to a Broadway performer who “embodies the ensemblist spirit: someone who is talented, skilled, multifaceted, inquisitive and kind.” The recipients are always chosen by the previous year’s winners as a way for Broadway community members to celebrate artists they respect and admire.

In addition, we announce the winners of the best Broadway ensembles and ensemble performances of the last ten years in our “Best of Broadway” poll, voted on by more than 1,500 fans.


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