#232 – Touring Broadway (feat. Ryan Steele)

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Whenever New York-based actors leave the city to perform, there’s a certain amount of bravery that must take place when you walk outside the theatre’s doors. Although the production may stay the same from city to city, your life outside the theatre can change drastically depending on where you are. That challenge is magnified when the cities you’re touring to are halfway across the world in countries you’ve ever been to before.

Ryan Steele has a long history with the Broadway musical An American in Paris. After developing the show in its pre-Broadway workshops, he spent a year traveling on the show’s first national tour. After some time back in the city, he signed on for the production’s international tour which took him to China, Taiwan and France. Ryan came into the studio to talk about the differences in theatre audiences around the world – and how An American in Paris became the gift that kept on giving. Here’s our conversation…


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