#235 – Wonderstudies (feat. Jeff Heimbrock)

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Understudies are required to replicate another actors’ performance, knowing exactly where they move and how they move there. They must have the bravado to lead a show, but also the humbleness to know they are merely standing in for another artist. Understudies are asked to jump onto the moving train that is a Broadway musical and make sure it doesn’t come to a screeching halt.

What can make the challenge all the more daunting is when you’re joining a long-running show as an understudy as was the case with today’s guest, Jeff Heimbrock. For more than two years, he’s performed in the show’s ensemble while covering the role of Boq. I was curious about the challenges of bringing yourself to a character that has almost 16 years of history baked into its movements, vocals and infections – especially one that he only goes on for sporadically. Here’s our conversation…


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