#243 – My Show Closed (feat. The Spark File and Phillipa Soo)

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This week, I wanted to share with you an extra-special conversation from my friends over at The Spark File podcast. Now, if you haven’t heard of The Spark File podcast, I want you to open up your podcast app and and subscribe to them right now. The Spark File is hosted by Susan Blackwell and Laura Camien – two bad ass bitches with gobs of experience in the theatre space who are obsessed with sparking creativity and inspiration in others.

I’ll take a page from their stump speech and share with you that a spark file is a place where one consistently collects creative inspirations and fascinations. Laura and Susan are on the hunt for fresh ideas, images and inspiration that spark creativity and peak curiosity. Things that inspire all of us to get up off of our asses and make something! Plus, they have a kick ass theme song that makes my butt bounce every time I hear it.

I’ve been obsessed with The Spark File since its launch last fall, but when I heard this conversation with Phillipa Soo I knew I had to share it with you. In this selected short, Phillipa, who you probably know for originating the role of Eliza Schuyler Hamilton in Hamilton, takes about the disappointment she felt during her next Broadway outing, Amelie, and the lessons she learned from it. Here’s their conversation…


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