#277 – Smash’ed (Season 1 Wrap Up)

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Before we dive into season two, Aaron J. Albano and Mo Brady take stock of the first season as a whole. One of the biggest reasons we wanted to look back on this show, now that we’ve had seven years of separation from it and can look at it in an unbiased way, is to see if Smash really holds up: To see how the show authentically represents or sensationalizes our business; to see what, if anything, holds true to our 2019 Broadway world, or is it more of a time capsule of the business in 2012; and if anything else that sticks out that may have, or may not have worked.

We think that we, having been on the show and thus invested in it seven years ago, can now look at the show objectively and see how it resonates with us differently than it may have then.


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