#332 – What We Miss (feat. Keely Beirne, Taurean Everett, Camden Gonzales)

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We are in the midst of an unprecedented time right now. As artists, We thrive on human interaction, community, and togetherness. With all of that stripped away, it has been difficult for many of us to find ways to be creative. To find ways to have hope that the theatre industry will rise again. This industry we love so much has its ups and downs, its difficult struggles, and its moments of pure joy. I spoke with three talented ensemblists, and more importantly, excellent humans, about what they miss most about one night in the grind of an 8 show week. Taurean Everett recounts his time at The Cher Show, Keely Beirne about her time in the late Frozen on Broadway, and Camden Gonzales remembers life on the road with Hamilton.


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