#346 – Raise Your Voice (Intro, feat. Michael Fatica)

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“Raise Your Voice” is a new series for the Ensemblist, following the journey of artists finding their voice amidst this new normal that we find ourselves in. I’m Michael Fatica, and I am frustrated. The news is a dumpster fire of impending doom, and it’s only getting worse.  Artists and theatre makers are told each day how improbable it is that we’ll be back in a creative space any time soon. Our sense of community has been completely altered. While on the emotional rollercoaster that has been the last five months, I’ve been trying to find ways to make this time count.  I’ve been amazed by artists who have found ways to use their voice to inspire change.  Artists who are trying to make the world, when it opens up again, a better world than the one we were living in.  This series is about some of those people.


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