#352 – Queer Queeries (Nick Eibler, feat. TJ Young)

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Today we are featuring a segment from Queer Queeries: a new interview style podcast, hosted by actor Nick Eibler, that aims to celebrate all Queer identities and educate all about the complexities and beauty of Queer identity, experience, and history. The show covers a wide range of topics–from living with HIV and religion and being gay to gay icons and the art drag. The show aims to cover to gambit of the Queer world and have conversations about things that some may deem taboo in order to normalize these topics and continue to move the Queer community forward towards true equality.

On this episode, Nick interviews award-winning playwright, TJ Young, who’s works include No. 6, Lyon’s Den, Ruby’s Baby Blue, Hell is Empty, to name a few. Throughout the episode, TJ and Nick discuss how TJ got into playwriting, how he has seen his work evolve over time, how the depiction of Queer characters in media has evolved, the importance to showcase more underrepresented identities from the Queer alphabet, and so much more. In the section you are about to hear, Nick asks TJ–considering the Black Lives Matter Movement in relation to the theatre–how he thinks we, as industry, can work to create a more equitable working environment as well as more space for black creatives and voices.

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