#421 – Creativity in Coronavirus (TheatreMakers Conference – feat. Asmeret Ghebremichael, Stephanie Klemons, Steve Rosen, Luis Salgado)

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At the 2020 TheaterMakers’ Summit about “The Art of the Pivot,” The Ensemblist’s Mo Brady spoke to four titans of the American musical theatre about their love for theatre, how that love was satisfied as a performer and how they’ve pivoted that love into a different mode of creation. Please enjoy a portion of that conversation, with Asmeret Ghebremichael, Stephanie Klemons, Steve Rosen and Luis Salgado.

Special thanks to Ken Davenport, Mary Dina and the team at TheaterMakers Summit 2020 for allowing us to share a portion of the conversation with you. To hear this full panel, as well as dozens of others you can still gain access to the summit at TheTheaterMakersStudio.com.

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