#447 – Anxiety and the Artist (feat. Elissa Goldstein, Allison Sheff)

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We’re starting off the new year with some selfcare, thanks to our friends at the podcast Anxiety and the Artist. Currently in its second season, Anxiety and the Artist explores the artist’s relationship with anxiety, while offering insight and inspiration. In their episodes, host Allison Sheff chats with artists and mental health professionals about the universality of anxiety and what role it has played in our lives and our work.

Earlier this year, Allison interviewed actor turned psychotherapist Elissa Goldstein. In this interview, Elissa chats about anxiety, how it affects artists, and how therapy can help artists treat their anxiety. Here’s a portion of their conversation. Enjoy!

All episodes of Anxiety and the Artist, including Season One, are available wherever you stream your favorite podcasts and on https://www.anxietyandtheartist.com. For more information about upcoming episodes, available resources, and related content, follow @anxietyandtheartist on Instagram and the “Anxiety and the Artist” Facebook page.

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