#500 – Episode 500 (feat. Nikka Graff Lanzarone, Anna Altheide, Hattie Andres, Chad Campbell, Jackson Cline, Angela Tricarico)

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Travel back in time. Way, way back to a long ago year called 2013, when an overly caffeinated 30-something with a single Broadway credit was looking for a way to stay connected to the community of performers he so dearly wanted to be a part of. It was out of that desire to celebrate, to advocate and to connect that our experiment called The Ensemblist was born. And here we are almost eight years later, sharing with you our 500th episode.

What we found is that for every person who has stepped onstage as part of a theatrical ensemble, there are a multitude of stories to share. Over the years, we’ve expanded our mission – from simply sharing the unknown stories of working in theatre ensembles to make connections between those stories to document and celebrate our collective history.

To commemorate our 500th episode, we asked our podcast collaborators both past and present to share their favorite stories of working on and listening to The Ensemblist.


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