Episode 34: Dear Evan Hansen: Does Anybody Have A Map?

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On this week’s episode, Rob, Jennifer, Jamie, and guest co-host Jo Ann Venezano sit down with Jennifer Laura Thompson and Michael Park, stars of Dear Evan Hansen. Jo Ann, who won an Audience Rewards contest to come on our show, is a “Super Fan” or “Extreme Theatergoer” as The New Yorker characterized her; she has seen Dear Evan Hansen 45 times and Spring Awakening over 500 hundred times. Michael Park (who joins us for our topics section), Jamie, Rob, and Jennifer talk with Jo Ann about her theatergoing habits. A bit later, we chat with Jennifer Laura Thompson and Michael Park about being with Dear Evan Hansen from the beginning, and what it’s like today in the Murphy household. And, finally, Rob gives us more information on the Audience Rewards program.

This week’s music: “The Heat Is On” from “Miss Saigon: The Definitive Recording”, and from the Original Cast Recording of Dear Evan Hansen: “Waving Through A Window”, “Anybody Have A Map”, “Requiem”, “To Break In A Glove”, and “Finale”.


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