Episode 47: Donna McKechnie: If You’re Allowed To Make Mistakes, You Can Learn

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On this week’s show Jennifer, Jamie and Rob sit down with legendary dancer, singer, actor, choreographer, and all around show stopper, Tony Award winner Donna McKechnie. The group discusses Donna’s amazing career, from “How to Succeed” to Paper Mill’s “Follies”, including the creation of her signature numbers: “Turkey Lurkey Time”, “Tick Tock”, and “The Music and the Mirror”. Finally, Rob gives us a bit more background on the television variety show “Hullabaloo”, where Donna first met Michael Bennett.

This week’s music: “I Want It All”, from “Baby”, “Turkey Lurkey Time”, from “Promises, Promises”, “Montage, Part 1 – Hello Twelve, Hello Thirteen, Hello Love”, “The Music and the Mirror”, “One”, and “One, reprise” all from “A Chorus Line”. And “Losing My Mind” from “Follies”.


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