Episode 73: Emily Hampshire: Humpday With Hampshire

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On this week’s show, Jamie, Rob, and Jennifer chat with “Schitt’s Creek” star Emily Hampshire about her new online talk show “Humpday With Hampshire” that benefits the Actor’s Fund. Together, they discuss Michelle Obama and Dolly Parton, Emily’s love of bitmojis, and what it was like saying goodbye to “Schitt’s Creek” before throwing some Broadway trivia Emily’s way. At the top of the episode, Jamie, Jen, and Rob discuss their “quaRoutines” (spoiler alert: they involve sweatpants, yoga and M&M’s).

This week’s music: “Humpday with Hampshire Theme Song”, “Here You Come Again”, by Dolly Parton, “Maybe This Time” sung by Emily Hampshire, “Welcome To The Rock” from “Come From Away” and “On My Own” sung by Lea Solonga.


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