Episode 86: West Side Story

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On this week’s show, Jamie and Rob take a deep dive into one of their favorite musicals: “West Side Story”. After exploring the fascinating story behind the creation of this landmark classic musical, they chat with Belgian director Ivo van Hove about his re-imagined 2020 Broadway production. Then, they moderate an exclusive discussion with Broadway legend Carol Lawrence and Broadway’s latest sensation Shereen Pimentel—the original and current Maria in conversation across 63 years!

How do they really feel about “I Feel Pretty”? Tune in to find out.


This week’s music: “Prologue”, “West Side Story, Original Broadway Cast”. “Prologue”, “Bernstein: West Side Story, San Francisco Symphony”. “Something’s Coming”, “West Side Story 2020 Revival”. “Cool”, “I Have A Love”, from “West Side Story, Original Broadway Cast”. “Tonight (Quintet)” “West Side Story, New Broadway Cast Recording, 2009”. “Mambo”, “Bernstein: West Side Story, San Francisco Symphony”. “Rumble”, “Tonight”, “America”, and “Krupke”, from the “West Side Story 2020 Revival”. “Overture”, “Dance at the Gym” and “Prologue” from “West Side Story; Original Motion Picture Soundtrack”. “I Feel Pretty” “I Have A Love”, and “Tonight”, from “West Side Story, Original Broadway Cast”.

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