Episode 3 – Keep It Lit

In This Episode

Previously on the Flame: Mel and Jo reconnect and Sam starts to deal with some Daddy Issues

This week on the Flame, Jamie (Ellie Brigida) is having one of her famous dumpster cries and double fisting Slurpees, Heather (Leigh Holmes Foster) cheers her up with a song “You’ve Got Me” and Jo (Jenn Collela) is rallying the patrons of the Flame to fight! The patrons of the Flame are ready to fight for their family! Join us at the Flame to see what happens next!

Featured songs:

“You’ve Got Me” – Jamie (Ellie Brigida), Heather (Leigh Holmes Foster)

“Keep It Lit” – Jo (Jenn Collela), Jamie (Ellie Brigida), Heather (Leigh Holmes Foster) and the Flame ensemble

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This is an original radio play produced by Lez Hang Out Productions.

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