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In a world where everyone shares a tattoo with their soulmate, you’d think falling in love would be easy. Journey to the Heart follows three best friends as they go on an adventure of a lifetime. Albina, Babette, and Charlie are displeased with their soulmate tattoo, or lack of one, for different reasons, and this leads them to go on an adventure that will change their lives forever. 

Journey to the Heart will also be the first “choose your own journey” podcast musical. The audience will get to decide where the story goes and your choices will influence what you hear in each episode. The alternate versions of the episodes that aren’t released on our main feed will be released on our Patreon for those of you who have been supporting us consistently since the launch of the Flame and new Patrons who join for this season. 

This season we’ll be exploring the concept of soul mates. What does it mean to not have a soul mate? What does it mean to choose your own partner and choose your own adventure despite the path that was chosen for you? We’re also exploring ethical non-monogamy in a world where you’re told you only have one option and it’s quite literally tattooed on your body. 

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