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Rach was born and raised in a military town on the east coast of North Carolina. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Dramatic Art and Vocal Performance from UNC Chapel Hill, where her professional career began with PlayMakers Repertory Company. After graduation she made the move to New York, and in May of 2019 graduated with her Master of Fine Arts in Acting degree from The New School for Drama. Since graduating she has had the chance to perform Off-Broadway in shows like ‘Rabbit Hole’, and with companies like Engarde Arts. She has also worked with many talented filmmakers in shorts and features. Rachael is also a writer, and it is one of the great loves of her life. She now has her first comedy pilot, ‘Between Us,’ in the works with a talented cast including a grammy nominated artist, and WKRP in Cincinnati’s Tim Reid. Her pilot was just selected as a finalist in the Vancouver International Women In Film Festival taking place this March.

Moving to this city six years ago was the best decision she’s ever made. Since graduating with her masters, she has picked up a bomb-ass team, and found her niche writing whatever the fu*k she wants. She has surrounded herself with an amazing tribe of creators, and gets to play pretend for a living. Turns out, she was made to be a New Yorker, but will always keep a little bit of that southern accent.

What it all boils down to: “I want to do good plays and drink good wine with good people.”

Contact Rachael via her website: https://www.rachael-worthington.com/.

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