Br’er Peach Episode 2

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Vonda’s luck changes overnight when she finds a giant magical peach. At first bite, she’s thrilled that years have melted off of her elderly face and body, and she can’t wait to share it with her husband, Waylon. But their celebrations quickly become complicated by the surprise birth of their son, Momotaro—who looks nothing like them! When a raccoon steals the magical peach, Momo bravely sets off into the wilds of Georgia to rescue it, meeting animal friends and foes along the way. Back at home, Vonda drowns the grief of her losses in credit-card debt while the evil AmazOni Enterprises encroaches, buying out her neighbors. Can Momo save the peach? Can Vonda save her house? And can they become a happy family against all odds?

Please note that Br’er Peach may or may not be appropriate for your family: it contains a short sex scene with descriptions of body parts, some bleeping/implied cursing, and discussions of death and dying.

Br’er Peach is an audio play by Andrew Saito, directed by Desdemona Chiang, produced in partnership with The Parsnip Ship, in collaboration with Business Lunch Productions. The cast includes Crystal Lucas-Perry, Michael Gene Sullivan, Kevis Hillocks, and Resa Mishina; with sound design and engineering by Twi McCallum. Dramaturgy by Iyvon E.

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