Devil Land (Part 2) by Desi Moreno-Penson

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Directed by Anthony Miñino, with musical guest Jennifer Cintron and Micah Burgess “A Latinx couple in the Bronx kidnaps a twelve-year old girl in a misguided attempt at creating a family. The girl claims to be clairvoyant and can communicate with the dead, including the couple’s own dead baby. She is also protected by a not-so-imaginary friend, whom she calls “The Grinch” (Yes, THAT Grinch, only more ghoulish!). Ultimately, a battle of wills ensues pitting faith, family, and politic against each other.”

Cast includes: Raiane Cantisano, Sean Carvajal, Anthony Michael Irizarry, Mateo Moreno, and Tanya Perez


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