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Anthony Veneziale (Two-Touch) is the conceiver and co-creator Freestyle Love Supreme and FLS Academy. Founding member of American Immigrants (San Francisco). He has used improv techniques to create endeavors with Thomas Kail & Lin-Manuel Miranda (In the HeightsBartlett, “The Electric Company”), Daveed Diggs (The Freeze), numerous networks/companies (HBO, Cartoon Network, Sesame Workshop, Boardwalk Pictures, Google) and co-founded speechlessinc.com, an improv thinking company that helps humans create, collaborate, and find their authentic voice. STAGE: Freestyle Love SupremeServicemenDeath in One Acts, and Trashin’: Time to Waste. TV: ”Sex and the City”, Freestyle Love Supreme.


Listen in to this podcast, and you’ll hear about the origins of this new form on Broadway, and how he helped Lin-Manuel Miranda and Tommy Kail with In The Heights, and a ton more, including (yes, I’m giving you the full bullet points, because this podcast is that good):

  • Why Hip-Hop/Rap is so effective in the theater and why this is just the beginning.
  • How his success happened overnight . . . NO IT DIDN’T! It took a long time, and why and how he had the courage to keep at it.
  • The most commonly uttered words on my podcast from all my guests, and why those words helped Anthony crush his goals.
  • How he teaches freestyle at the Freestyle Love Supreme Academy (if I can do it – anyone can).
  • And in addition to me beatboxing, you can bet he shows a little of his freestylin’ skills as well.


This week’s #SongwriterOfTheWeek is Douglas Lyons and Ethan Pakchar. Check out “Runnin'” (sung by Matt Rodin) from their new musical Beau at the end of this episode. If you enjoyed the outro music in this episode, go on over to www.beauthemusical.com.


This week’s episode is brought to you by AJV Media. They’ve been our videographers for our Super Conference since the beginning! They’re professional, easy to work with, and local to NY! If you’re looking for a videographer and want more information, visit their website www.AJVMedia.com.


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This podcast was edited by Stanley Wiercinski.




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