Episode 7 – Grace Mouat

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Hey Queens!

Welcome back for another fabulous week in court. All though the world is a bit of a mess this episode is sure to bring some joy to everyone!

I am joined by the OG swing of SIX: The Musical Grace Mouat! We had an amazing chat about her time with SIX and a few other things as well!

If you want to find Grace you can do so here:

  • Instagram: @gracemouat
  • Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzD_kwHTFZ7eUaif8f0gLFg
  • TikTok: groshmaker

If you are in London and want to see Grace when things are back up and running you can check out tickets for & Juliet here

Other than that queens be sure to follow us on @ausqueendom and @thequeendomcast for more amazing content through out the shut down!



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