01: Standing Up For The Truth with Karen Olivo

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Featured on today’s episode Salisha chats with Tony award winner, Karen Olivo.
Karen tells about her take in an article where she said that being a domestic abuse survivor she is compelled to do something that it all just felt necessary for her to exist. What she’s seeing right now is that the industry she’s in needs her to be an activist. They also talked about what Karen will do if the entire Broadway community were not going back to work. Karen answered that she’s going to have to get another kind of job but it’s not going to be an acting job. 
Another question asked to Karen is her family upbringing because Salisha is fascinated by Karen’s confidence. She said that she did a lot of reading and training where she mentioned a book which is the Psychology of Oppression, which she’s trying to utilize these resources in real-time at all times. Karen shares that she tries to advocate for herself because when she doesn’t she will leave the door open to be mistreated. So she’s constantly trying to model standing up for herself because she knows that there’s someone else who probably needs it. She’s using her skillset to push over uncomfortability so that she can advocate for herself.
Salisha takes the conversation to Karen being an educator where she’s been on and off for close to 10 years where has taught at a couple of colleges. She started to rethink that she might do more in private coaching where she has a handful of students that she teach now. She usually tries to get her students to turn off all other stuff and really get quiet and think about what they know to be true. And then approach all of the work from what they know that will give them a little more competence rather than trying to adopt something that they’ve seen. 
So join Salisha and Karen as they discuss Karen’s journey in standing up for the truth and coaching career that inspires a lot of her students to be more competent and unique in their own way.
Resources mentioned:
https://www.springerpub.com/the-psychology-of-oppression-9780826178169.html (Psychology of Oppression) by E.J.R. David Ph.D. and Annie O. Derthick PhD


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